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Cassis – bistro bar

6 Feb

No one speaks Smoked Salmon Tartar like Cassis Bistro & Bar on Uruguay street. A perfectly-sized treat, sprinkled with pomegranate seeds and served on beet carpaccio. Wow, I loathe beets… but lo’ and behold Cassis, I now love beet carpaccio.

Monday through Sunday, Cassis packs em’ like sardines. No reservation, you’re sitting at the bar. Don’t worry, the bar isn’t such a bad place. Paul the bartender will tell you so. Fresh drinks and pleasant picks of wine by-the-glass–a hard thing to come by in Beirut (we obviously don’t like drinking in single servings). Cassis even has a delectable non-alcoholic fruity cocktail selection that’s ACTUALLY on the menu.

Forget the pasta, fish n’ chips, & standard food expectables…

Like a meteorite, Quinoa hit Beirut restaurants with a bang. Beirut is wild about you, Quinoa. Even my Teta makes quinoa. Who thought that Andean Shepherds and Abou Abed could share something in common? (Not a biggie, they also share Maté) So the quest for the best Quinoa in Beirut ensues…

Drumroll…Cassis, you have the best Quinoa Salad yet! It’s that nitty gritty grain-like substance that requires special care to master. Should it taste soapy or sloppy, it becomes the peasant meal that it is (think “bulgar”). When cooked to perfection, it becomes a divine Fair-Trade delicacy.

Expect all intimate conversation to end by 10:30, when the music goes nuts.

Tel: +961 01 989811. Call ahead for reservations.

Uruguay street (behind An-Nahar building), Downtown Beirut. 

Monday-Sunday, 9am-3am.

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