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Coop D’Etat

9 Feb

Coop d'Etat, Beirut, LebanonCoop D’Etat may not be the stomping ground for your local Sons of Anarchy, but its rooftop refuge attracts the most amusing international bunch. Foreign professors and students alike gather to indulge in backyard-barbecue under the Beirut sky. Chow tasty homemade hotdogs, burgers, and beer, on simple tables lit by one giant billboard and colored lights. Coop D’Etat rests atop the Saifi Institute for Arabic Language; down from Gemmayze and just above the Autostrad. You might even happen upon a night of live music. All beware, Coop D’Etat’s bar is short and its tables fill quickly!

If the weather permits, welcome into your weekend this bohemian nook!

Tel: +961 71 134173

Saifi Urban Gardens, Pasteur Street, Gemmayze (behind Coral Gas Station & Mandaloon Grill)

Open Friday-Saturday February & March (7 days-a-week all other months!) 7pm to 2am


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