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¡GARCIA’S! Cantina y Cocteleria

2 Feb

¡Ode to Margaritas! There are but a few places in town where a kid can get a fresh Marg– Garcia’s is one of them. Nestled between Bread Republic and Gloria Jean’s in Hamra, you can’t miss the steps to the red building with Carlos Santana booming through its doors. In Beirut, it’s hard to get a true fix of TexMex. So when a new place opens up, everyone’s there.

I was warmly ushered in by the manager Tony, who gave me the menu rundown. The following weekend, Beirut went Mexican and Garcia’s was jammed.

And there began the sad story of my margarita…

15 minutes ordered…no margarita. 25 minutes ordered twice…no margarita. 45 minutes ordered thrice…no margarita. And when it finally came, it was lonely without salt.

“Excuse me, but I ordered my margarita with salt–“

Waiter: “Do you want to wait another 15 minutes for it then?”

Now that, is serious customer service. Applause Beirut, you’ve done it again. The Lebanese have outdone the French in restaurant service reputation–another success for the Guinness World Records (plus it’s really a different story when you’re serving Osso Bucco).

The Enchiladas, however, were the tip of the iceberg. In fact, they almost flung me off of the iceberg when I had to pay $20 dollars for my half-eaten plate of dried-out Enchilada-impersonators. My mexican friends would’ve shed tears over the Burrito and the Quesadillas as they were no exception. I would’ve been happier microwaving frozen taquitos from Spinney’s.

The Truth: In the Motherland Mexico, not even gringos pay $20 for Abuela‘s handmande enchiladas.

My Advice? The bar is the safe-zone. Stick to the drinks, if you can get them.

Nehme Yafet Street, Hamra

Tel: +961 1738538


Open Monday-Sunday, 6pm to 2am. Call ahead for reservations.

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