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The Greedy Goose

2 Mar

Trivia Night is the golden egg of the Greedy Goose resto-pub nestled on a dim-lit corner of Monot. Every Monday night, at approximately 9-after-dark, teams like The Snozberries, Decepticons, and Stop-This-Quiz-I’ve-Got-to-Wee, gather in the English old stone pub to eat, drink, and compete for trivia master titles. A wide range of topics are tested; from album covers to biology to cinematic history.

The word “Trivia,” originates from its Latin parent, “Trivium,” meaning “where three roads meet.” Consequently, all paths cross at the Greedy Goose. However, it takes true brit to contend!

To go along with a fine course of Trivia, the Lamb Burger with Strawberry Sauce is a scrumptiously juicy selection, washed down with their Ecusson Cider–makes for a truly classic experience. Forget the ordinary appetizers, their Stew of the Day will most likely knock you senseless.

Beware, this Goose is Greedy indeed, and your wallet will suffer the consequences.

Tel: +961 01 227883

Monot Street, Monot

Open Monday-Friday, 5pm to 1am, Saturday & Sunday 11am to 1am



Cassis – bistro bar

6 Feb

No one speaks Smoked Salmon Tartar like Cassis Bistro & Bar on Uruguay street. A perfectly-sized treat, sprinkled with pomegranate seeds and served on beet carpaccio. Wow, I loathe beets… but lo’ and behold Cassis, I now love beet carpaccio.

Monday through Sunday, Cassis packs em’ like sardines. No reservation, you’re sitting at the bar. Don’t worry, the bar isn’t such a bad place. Paul the bartender will tell you so. Fresh drinks and pleasant picks of wine by-the-glass–a hard thing to come by in Beirut (we obviously don’t like drinking in single servings). Cassis even has a delectable non-alcoholic fruity cocktail selection that’s ACTUALLY on the menu.

Forget the pasta, fish n’ chips, & standard food expectables…

Like a meteorite, Quinoa hit Beirut restaurants with a bang. Beirut is wild about you, Quinoa. Even my Teta makes quinoa. Who thought that Andean Shepherds and Abou Abed could share something in common? (Not a biggie, they also share Maté) So the quest for the best Quinoa in Beirut ensues…

Drumroll…Cassis, you have the best Quinoa Salad yet! It’s that nitty gritty grain-like substance that requires special care to master. Should it taste soapy or sloppy, it becomes the peasant meal that it is (think “bulgar”). When cooked to perfection, it becomes a divine Fair-Trade delicacy.

Expect all intimate conversation to end by 10:30, when the music goes nuts.

Tel: +961 01 989811. Call ahead for reservations.

Uruguay street (behind An-Nahar building), Downtown Beirut. 

Monday-Sunday, 9am-3am.

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