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Balima Café

2 Mar

To all the Madames: Balima’s Croque-Monsieur is the new man of your dreams. Fluffy, dulcet bread topped with velvety baked cheese (ham or turkey) will have you begging for a second date. Rich and delicate to the palate, and best served with mustard spread, this monsieur will never disappoint. Comfort food at its best, your stomach will be singing sweet songs of love. Even McDreamy can’t dare to compare.

The wait staff on the other hand, generally embody the McDreamy antichrist. Frequently non-responsive, the concept of customer service has not yet landed on Balima Island. Forget them, nothing should stop you from enjoying your man.

Except maybe, their soups of the day…Garden-fresh, spoonfuls of heaven like the Shrimp Corn Chowder make for a delightful meal on a cold day (a heavy compliment coming from a Bostonian!).

The only café in Saifi Village, Balima is home to Posh Nation. Goes to show, sometimes love is found in the most peculiar of places.

Ghalghoul Street, Saifi Village

Tel: +961 01 985295

Open Monday-Sunday, 8am to 12am


Second Cup

3 Feb

London Fog: If you’ve ever desired a drink of heavenly vanilla, creamy milky-fluff…this one’s for you.

The London Fog/Earl Grey Tea Latte/Grey Tea Misto hails all the way from Vancouver, British Columbia. Reminiscent of winter days at my favorite L’Aroma Café in Boston, I was ecstatic to see Second Cup‘s adoption of this soul-warming indulgence.

In fact, I almost hugged the cashier upon my first order from the Second Cup on Raouche. What followed was a journey to perfection. Second Cup on Raouche had just opened, and the staff hadn’t yet encountered an order of London Fog. So when I first received my London Fog, sans vanilla and fluff, the monster critic inside of me screamed…

…And out came the absence of my arabic as I thrust my defected London Fog back at the barista and shouted, “Shrabo! Shrabo!” (For all non-Arabic speakers, “shrabo” might not simply mean “drink it,” and it might mean something very cheeky.)

Subsequently, I joined forces with Team Second Cup and we brought to refinement the first proper London Fog of Beirut. Thereafter, I became a regular, and Second Cup on Raouche became the Official House of London Fog.

{+Plus+ Second Cup has wifi and is open late!}

Tel: +961 03397222

Address: Raouche street (General de Gaulle), Bahri Gardens 2 bld.

Open Monday-Sunday, 6:30am to 1:30am

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